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Search Engine optimization

If your site is not ranked prominently on major search engines, you are losing valuable customers; worse, your competitors are winning them.

 Top Ten Placement in Google, Yahoo and MSN

This package allows you to choose the keywords that best describes your website. These keywords can be given to us by yourself or we can help you pick the best ones to suit your company. This package is $199.00 per month and is a monthly generated fee on your credit card. Remember this is a no risk package and if you aren't satisfied with our service after one month you will be refunded the full amount.

$199.00/monthly - That gets you  top rankings in Yahoo, msn and the search engines that use their search results. We can guarantee 50% of your chosen keywords {as long as there not extremely broad keywords} on the first page of those mentioned search engines. We can get Google rankings with this package but this is only if you have optimized content on your homepage.

  • Every member of Blackwood automatically generates links to your website's home page for the Search Engines to index. As a member your website automatically gains 1000's of new inbound links. The best part is that this is all done automatically, without having to negotiate a single link exchange or partnership with any other website owner.


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    Top 10 Ranking Package

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