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Search Engine optimization

If your site is not ranked prominently on major search engines, you are losing valuable customers; worse, your competitors are winning them.

 Our Guarantee To You:

We take our Customer Satisfaction rating very seriously.

And in order to keep our perfect record, we will work until you are satisfied.

When we talk with you, we'll be very straightforward about how our services can help your company. We will work extremely hard on your behalf to push your site to the best position on all search engines we submit you to. However, there is no way to guarantee any web site will rank number 1 on any search engine.

* We won't make the same wild promises that many Consultants / Search Engine Optimizer's do. Know that you will always be hearing the truth from us. We will only inform you about the actions you should be taking to achieve higher ranking, not just the options that increase our sales. We are here to help make you money. Not take it from you.

* We never use spam or any other techniques that may get your site banned from the engines. We are very well versed in the policies of all search engines, staying informed of the direction search engines are heading, so you don't have to. Currently, search engines are looking very carefully at each site they index, detecting any attempt to "trick" search engine robots at a higher rate than ever before. The search engines are in competition too. And the one that can remove the most "cheaters" from their listings is the one that will win the user loyalty battle.

While many other optimization companies are still trying to stay one step ahead of the search engines by applying questionable techniques that are sure to one day be banned. We only use techniques that are search engine approved. When we get your site to a high ranking, you're likely to stay there. With other companies, you could be number 1 today, and then find your site banned for life tomorrow. Rest at ease knowing your site is safe from such action:

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