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Learn more about Website Placement : Make your Web site more visible! Of every 20 of your potential customers who use the Internet, 17 turn to a major search engine for help. But when they enter the name of one of your products or services, do they learn about you? Probably not. In the crowded, competitive world of e-marketing, only a handful of businesses make it to the top of the search engines' listings. Even many of the biggest, most profitable companies don't show up in the top 50, 75 or 100.

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Website Placement
Website Placement. World Leaders in Website Placement In business, time is money. That's even more true for business on the Web where nearly two-thirds of all users have narrowband connections and they won't wait for anything: they just click away. Realizing this early on, our president Andrew King spent the last decade finding the best-in-class speed optimization techniques. Then he wrote the definitive book on the topic: Speed Up Your Site: Website Placement. It will answer many of your site optimization questions, and help you advocate for higher site speed within your organization. When you've sold your colleagues on the need for speed you can either use the book or our services to revive your online business. 

Website Placement
Website Placement. Obtaining a ranking that shows your products on the FIRST PAGE of search results will dramatically increase the traffic to your web site, and more traffic equals more sales! For commercial enterprises relying upon the Internet to sell their products or services, gaining top web position is the primary goal, since top web ranking will inevitably lead to more customers and sales exploring your web site. 

Website Placement

Website Placement. Our Website Placement service will get your website tuned up to answer to the search engine algorithms and set your website apart from the competition. with researching your industry’s top keywords and focusing on high search engine ranking for these keywords we achieve our goal of your target market being able find your website on the major search engines. 

Website Placement
Website Placement.
We uses state of the art website analysis software to indicate where html, keyword, keyword placement, etc. weaknesses lie. A typical example report is provided below. The findings will allow us/you to make changes and the report is rerun. Over and over again if necessary, until the desired results are found. Check out achieved search engine results from some of our customers using the same software and methods. 

Website Placement
Website Placement. Search engine optimization & submission is a basic part of the success of your Web site! Anyone can have a well designed web site, but without professional search engine submission the world will never know about it. If you don't promote, nobody will see your site. We offers several URL registration and promotion tools that will allow you to increase your exposure on the internet and draw more traffic to your Web Site. 

Website Placement
Website Placement. Unless you can afford to spend money on banner advertising, in which most webmasters can not, our experience is that over 70% of new customers will find you using search engines. Many surveys indicate that visitors are more likely to follow links to results from a search than a banner add at the top of the page. Top Website Placement is free, and getting there takes Website Placement monitoring! 

Website Placement
Website Placement. Getting your site in the top results is the most cost effective way of promoting your website. Recent research has shown that at least 80% of visitors come to web sites through search engines. The number of web pages on the web is in the billions, how do you achieve the top spots among all those competitors?
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Website Placement
Website Placement is the art of transforming your content into a smaller, more streamlined form. This new book shows you how to cut your content and bandwidth usage in half, while still maintaining the look you want. Your users will be happier, and you'll save money in the process. It's a win-win situation. So what are you waiting for?

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